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At John P. Belbas, DDS, in Lakeville, NY, we provide all types of general family dentistry services, from early dental care to cleanings, crowns, and tooth extractions. We have more than 30 years of experience under our belts, so you can rest assured that your smile is in the best of hands while at our dental center.

Early Dental Care

It’s important to get started on dental care for your children while they’re still young. Many people think primary teeth—often referred to as “baby” teeth—are less important than permanent teeth, but this isn’t true. Primary teeth guide the permanent teeth into place and are vital to development of your child’s jaw. From the time your child starts teething and experiencing new tooth eruption to when they lose their last primary tooth, there are things to do and others to avoid that will affect tooth and mouth health into their adult lives.

While your child is teething, there are a couple of things to know to ensure your child’s teeth develop correctly and to avoid decay. Do not breast or bottle-feed your child while they’re sleeping. Doing so allows the sugar from the milk or formula to pool around the infant’s teeth and gums, feeding bacteria that causes plaque and tooth decay. If your child needs to sleep with a bottle, fill it with water or try to transition them to a pacifier. Also, instead of sugar-filled teething biscuits, use teething rings to minimize discomfort. You can also use the back of a cold spoon, a wet cloth, or even a clean finger to soothe gums while your child is teething.

Your child should have their first visit to a dental office when they are about one year old. This is primarily to help your child feel comfortable in a dental center, as well as to go over any fears or anxiety your child feels. During this time, we will also provide information about what to expect and how to handle your child’s teeth in the coming years, including the importance of a good diet and healthy snacks for healthy teeth.

Childhood Dental Care

Dental Services Offered

  • Early Dentistry

  • Dental Exams

  • Teeth Cleanings

  • Fillings

  • Crowns

  • Tooth Extractions

  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Adult Dentistry

Adult Dentistry

To keep your mouth healthy and your teeth free of cavities and decay, annual exams and teeth cleanings are an important aspect of adult dental care. A comprehensive dental exam will show us any cavities you may have, as well as any other issues that you may not be aware of, such as the need for a root canal and dental crown or future wisdom teeth extraction. This preliminary visit lets us know the next step for your personalized dental care schedule.

Often, if we find no immediate need for dental work, we’ll set up an appointment for your annual teeth cleaning. During a teeth cleaning visit, a dental hygienist will remove plaque from all areas of your teeth before applying fluoride to help protect your teeth once you leave the dentist's office. If, however, we do find more pressing issues such as cavities that need dental fillings or decayed or damaged teeth that require a crown, we will schedule that appointment first to make sure the problem is addressed and not allowed to become worse.

In addition to fillings and crowns, we also provide tooth extractions when necessary. Whether you have suffered extensive tooth decay or trauma and your tooth can’t be repaired or need your wisdom teeth removed, we handle those procedures right here in our office.

Call us today to speak with someone at our dental center regarding your dental care. We will get you in at the earliest opportunity and look forward to helping you with any of your dentistry needs.